5 Garage Shop Cabinets for Ultimate DIY Storage

5 Garage Shop Cabinets for Ultimate DIY Storage

5 Garage Shop Cabinets for Ultimate DIY Storage

Today we're gonna be looking at several different cabinets that you can make for the ultimate storage solution in your garage or workshop . I've been working on this system over the past year and adding cabinets as I went to replace the store-bought cabinets that I had today. I'm gonna be adding the final piece to the puzzle and showing you guys the whole modular layout that you can mix and match to meet your own needs. I'm also going to show you some sample layouts that might work for your specific application and ways that you can look to modify it on your own.  

Anyway my material of choice for all of these cabinets is 3/4 inch Baltic birch . It's a premium plywood that has 11 or more plies. And it's extremely stable with very few if any voids in it now all these cabinets. I'll show you today are a frameless style and they're put together with pocket hole. This makes them quick to assemble and very strong. Now for these wall cabinets, I wanted something more than just a couple for with adjustable shelves. I made one cabinet to store my finishes in adhesives. I had big cans small cans spray cans and a host of large and small bottles of accessories to store. So I packed a ton of storage options into these cabinets. I split the cabinet in half with half depth adjustable shelves on each side and the right side was standard shelves that I'd used to put my quart cans of finish and on the left side.

It got custom spray kyun holders that can take five spray cans on each shelf. I made both of these shelves half depth so that I could put storage cubbies right onto the doors and have access to everything all at once when I open the doors. It's kind of like the Swiss Army knife of wall cabinets. Except without that useless plastic toothpick that you lost the first week you had it. Now on the right side, I made a door rack with four shelves that holds up to sixteen pint Kansa finish or stain and on the left side. I made a deeper - shelf rack for small glues and accessories on the bottom and then on top of that I put a rack for six tubes of caulk. Now for the other wall cabinet I went for larger storage. I made a just about vertical cubbies on the bottom that used removable. 


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