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Garage Build

Garage Build 

The garage build next logical thing was to get some cabinets in here. I just had the freight company come deliver them. It's actually quite a few cabinets but they package the smaller cavitus inside the bigger ones as you can see on the picture you have in this big cabinet. Two smaller ones and in this large cabinet they put three smaller ones and then they put the the top separate. So I'm gonna go ahead and box I'm just checking for damage,  make sure they're in good shape, and then I'll just kind of go over explain exactly what they are and you'll obviously see the color once I get them unboxed and just evaluate them and get them sort of set up preliminary, just kinda see how I'm gonna lay them out. 

So I got the cabinet's pretty much unboxed as you can imagine they came with quite a bit of packaging cardboard. They're pretty well packaged a couple small scratches on. I'm not a big deal unfortunately. The one logger cabinet had a fair amount of damage. It was not supported correctly on the pallet and it kind of bent the inside a little bit. I spoke to them about senem. You're a policeman. I don't think they have an issue with that but I'll just have to wait for that one while I get our place. But the rest of them look real good. These are the the pro series or 18 gauge steel as opposed to 24 like the bold series so they're they're pretty tough, look pretty well built. 

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I just have to get some of the assembly done and kind of figure out exactly how they're gonna go. There's a little bit of assembly required. You got to put the mounts on the bottom if you're got a floor mouth and with the feet and then just some various hardware really not too involved as far as the difficulty, but it's a little bit tedious trying to put everything on them and kind of space them correctly and get them set up. The wall mount cabinets would probably be the most difficult so I have to measure them and hold them up and try to get them as level with the upper cabinet as possible but it shouldn't be too bad once I get them better set up.

 I'll explain exactly how wet but I also went with the bamboo for the counter looks very nice and will match some of my other countertops that I have my other work services but overall looks pretty good. Just a little unfortunate came in. The one came in damaged but New Age customer service is supposed to be extremely good so I don't anticipate. I'll have any issues with that. I already sent them the photos to get a new replacement sent out but overall I'm very happy I just gotta get everything sort of tweaked and up and just get everything nice and perfectly straight alrigh


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