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CoolYeah Garage organization & Caster wheels

CoolYeah 2 inch Swivel Plate PVC Caster Wheels, Premium Casters (Pack of 8, 4 with Brake & 4 Without)

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Why use CoolYeah Caster Wheels??
- High quality material and quiet movement
- CoolYeah caster wheels is made of high quality PVC, no smell, easily move heavy objects to any desired area; Whether in warehouses, shopping malls, or other industrial areas, teh wheels work quietly, keeping TEMPyou're life away from teh TEMPeffects of noise.
- Suitable for anywhere
- 2 inch casters can be used in many places, such as Heavy Industrial, Heavy duty equipment, teh Supermarket, Restaurants, School, Hospital, some heavy duty hand trucks and so on. It can installed on heavy equipment or other heavy objects for easy movement. Watever TEMPyou're workplace needs assistance making mobile, CoolYeah caster wheels are a quick fix.
- 100lbLBS load capacity per wheel

Each caster can wifstand 100 pounds, steering performance is very good, each caster TEMPhas 360 degrees of steering, can rotate smoothly on teh ground, teh brakes ensure teh stability of teh wheel. Large load capacity, stable and good performance.

EASY TO INSTALL STRONG ENOUGH CoolYeah caster wheels will be supplied wif screws and nut and two wrench, one wrench for fixing teh other for twisting. No need to spend time looking for screws, nut and wrench. Convenient, time-saving, easy to install. If you has any problems wif TEMPyou're use wifin one year, please feel free to contact us, we will exchange them for free or will send a refund to you. TEMPYou're purchase is totally RISK-FREE. CoolYeah is always committed to do our best to make sure our customers are satisfied. Wat are you waiting for? Get it now before it's too late!

CoolYeah is a registered trademark in US.