Have you already begun the mental search for Christmas decorations? You know there are decorative gourds and boxes of ornaments and garlands. The question is, where exactly? If you catch yourself answering every “Where is it?” query with “In the garage,” you probably need help.

Makeover Your Garage for Christmas 

With the Christmas upon us, our thoughts are turned toward yummy food, time with family, and the coveted Christmas gifts.When friends visit during this time of year, we usually thinking about the rooms they see the most, like the living room, bathroom, and kitchen, right? Wrong. The garage is the most important room in your home during the holiday season and how you can update it easily. Here’s a few ways to decorate it.

1.Garage Door Christmas Light

Christmas is approaching. Let’s hang Christmas lights around the garage door and make sure to do it right.

When it comes to hanging holiday lights around your garage door, use clips and hooks specifically designed for the task. Avoid using staples, nails, or a hot glue gun to hang your lights.

Steps to hang Christmas lights around the garage door:

  • Follow package instructions for attaching the clips for vertical lights.
  • Safety ideas for Christmas lights
  • Start from the bottom of the tree stump and string the lights from clip to clip to form the stump.

2.Christmas Garland around Garage Door

With Christmas decorating moving to a whole new level, adding Christmas garage door decorations is on our to do list.

Keep your holiday decorations looking as festive as the day you bought them with this hard-sided wreath holder.

The plastic case will protect wreaths and garland from getting dusty or crushed in a storage space. The case latches and stands upright making it a space-saving option for storage in basements, closets and garages.

3.Windows Garland

Here is a cool idea if you like want to hang a garland on your garage window for Christmas. Just make sure to use the same ornaments you're using for the Christmas tree. Your decor would be much more sophisticated this way.

We can all feel Christmas approaching in the air. as you feel the weather getting colder. A Christmas decorated garage offers a certain aspect of fun and flair to provide a mood for the whole neighborhood. So don’t miss the opportunity to decor your your garage.

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