When We Use the Casters

When We Use the Casters

Caster has been widely used in daily work and life. So what do we need to know before using a caster? Here, we are going to discuss casters and wheels. we're going to talk about some of the basic procedures and specifying casters and wheels.


We got a whole bunch of them where you want to begin first. it's good to understand some caster basics. if you're going to be replacing casters, you'll need to know the top plate size you'll need to know.

First, we need to understand the basics of casters. If you want to replace an existing caster, you need to know the size of the roof, the overall height of the caster, as well as the wheel diameter and bolt hole style.

Next, we need to know the maximum bearing capacity of casters. It's half of the maximum load on the wheel divided by the number of casters you have to use. What kind of wheels would I need if I were to carry fifteen hundred pounds?

The next thing we need to do is identify the materials we should use. The wheels are made of a wide variety of materials for different tasks. The 95a industry-standard polyurethane wheel is a good choice for floor protection and good rolling resistance. It is worth mentioning that the wheel is very cost-effective. This kind of wheel withstands high speed. Casters can better prevent wheels from shaking during high-speed traction, greatly reducing noise and providing a quiet production environment.


Next is 82 durometer, which is very soft and easy to roll. Because it's a very high bounce. This substance is elastic, and it repels foreign objects and sundries. We have 70d polygons, material hardness capacity increased by about 30%, and they are easier to roll. 

As we know, polyurethane is hot, and when it rolls and bends as a wheel, it accumulates heat on the wheel. Therefore, he will roll faster. At the same time, the continuous operation will improve the life of the wheel. With these useful facilities, we can avoid back injuries at work. This is a very important helper.

Different wheels must have different USES and effects on objects. The cast-iron wheel that is a cast iron v-grooves cast iron right here and that will are designed for track applications as a straight line movie.

The next one is a phenolic tire. Nylon is a high strength material that provides some floor protection. But the only thing is, its cost is higher. I mean, compared to the phenolic wheels we're talking about. Here, the phenolic wheel is very cost-effective. So industry standards have always existed. The wheels are not very durable, but they can carry a lot of things. 


All wheels can be converted according to different types. The tool that matches the wheel also has great attention, they are the indispensable thing in the use process of the wheel. The rotary seal belongs to a kind of dynamic seal, which is composed of a slip ring and a rubber o-ring providing elasticity, and is used to seal the rod, shaft, pin, rotary joint and other places with rotating or swinging motion. It is a kind of rotating sealing ring which can bear the action of bilateral pressure or alternating pressure. 


Another is the swivel lock which actually will transform a swivel caster into a rigid caster. The benefit of that is you can have max maneuverability with your cards and then when you need to your cards or when you need to take it for a long distance, you can lock these in and it will help facilitate that long travel.


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